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July 15, 2013
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Dawn of the princess~ Twilight sparkle (MLP) by AquaGalaxy Dawn of the princess~ Twilight sparkle (MLP) by AquaGalaxy
just a somewhat old picture I just finished I made it extra sparkly XD
enjoy! >s<
drew with SAI
hours: I have no idea >c<
art (c) me
MLP (c) hasbro
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TheGreatLemur Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So prettyMeow :3 
disney-mlp-forever Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art work is beautiful!
Leaf-Fairweather Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
It was the most incredible thing Farus saw. The nightmares and horrifying memories of that terrible night were washed away at seeing her, standing tall and proud, the light of Aurora's Star shining off of her lavender coat of fur, her mane was now flowing through an invisible, Ethereal wind. Her wings stretched open slowly, probably for the first time in months, as she stepped on the surface of Lake Eternity, her magic keeping her from falling into the waters.

Farus glanced at the other Felines and Equines around him, all of them dressed in the purple armour of Her Majesty's Rangers, save for the small Unicorn filly amongst them. The looks on their faces told him everything, the low morale they had suffered since that terrible night months ago had vanished like it was never there. Little Mirage herself felt like she was going to start bouncing around any moment, which only helped further raise the spirits of the Rangers. Upon seeing the eyes of the Rangers who weren't wearing their goggles widening, Farus' head darted back to the Princess, and his eyes widened as well.

Princess Twilight Sparkle stood in the centre of the lake, facing her Rangers, Aurora's Star setting just behind her. Her forelegs were raised, her head held as high as she could, her wings opened fully, proudly displaying her glorious feathers. Combined with the calming, friendly light of Aurora's Star, the Alicorn simply glowed. As a Feline, Farus was proud of his race's history and their accomplishments and physical capabilities, but he knew better then to think that they could compete with an Alicorn. Although the Princess would've (and has) chastised him for placing her and her kind above anything, let alone his own race, it was his opinion, his belief that nothing in the universe could compare against the beauty, grace, and power that was an Alicorn, and no Alicorn could compare against Twilight Sparkle. It was an opinion he was not afraid to voice.

He felt his belief justified looking at the Princess now. Although she would later claim she was merely stretching, Farus didn't believe her. She placed her forelegs back on the calm, flat surface of the lake, her wings folding back once more, and began walking towards the Rangers and filly. It was then that her eyes opened, for all to see, and Farus felt inklings of hatred and anger beneath his inspiration and elation as he saw the one injury that had not, would not, heal. Her eyes, once a beautiful shade of deep purple that matched her mane, were now a uniform light grey, sightless, unseeing, dead. Unable to be healed by the most advanced of Equine magics or the most delicate of Feline technology, they would remain so, for the rest of her days. Farus frowned as her eyes faced him, but they weren't focused on him, or on anything, and they would stay that way forever. But his anger dissipated almost entirely when he saw the calm smile underneath her dead eyes. Although she would never be able to see again, she had found a way of magically sensing nearby life, no matter how small or complex it was. This, combined with the close watch and guidance of her trusted friends and allies, be they Rangers or others of similar trust, she would be able to continue her duties. Farus believed that, with time, not only would the Princess adapt through her lost eyesight, but she would become stronger because of it.

It was this thought that gave him a sense of victory, the Sisterhood of Shadows had failed in destroying the Princess and the ideals she carried in forming the new Alliance. Not only had she recovered from almost every injury she sustained from the night of that treacherous attack, but the one permanent injury they gave her would only strengthen her, if not in the way Farus hoped, certainly in the martyr-like inspiration that would spread to the rest of the Galaxy as they heard and saw her full recovery.

As soon as Twilight stepped off the waters and onto the sand, the small filly Mirage could no longer contain her excitement and galloped full speed toward the Alicorn. Farus smiled as he watched the Princess intercept the charging child by telekinectically grabbing her and spinning around with her, both ponies laughing happily, before the Alicorn brought the child close to her, nuzzling each other with the special love between a mother and her daughter. Soon, the Rangers began to move closer to them, talking excitedly at what they had seen and the happy implications it had.

Breaking contact from Mirage, Twilight looked up towards Farus. Although she was off centre by a few inches, he knew that she wanted to speak to him.

"Captain Nylin." She said as he instinctively saluted, her voice back to its sweet, calm self. "Contact the Alliance council and Aurora News Network, tell them I will make a public announcement six hours from now."

Farus nodded, "Yes ma'am."

"In the meantime." She continued, her voice rising slightly to show that she was speaking to all of them. "You are all dismissed for now." She looked down and smiled at Mirage, who smiled back. "I'd like to spend some private time with my daughter."

Nodding, Farus turned and slowly walked away, the rest of the Rangers dispersing as well. Although he had some doubts about leaving the Princess alone considering what happened those months ago, he knew that no where was safer then Aurora (except, perhaps her home world of Equus) and he and the Rangers wouldn't be too far if they were needed, just far enough to give the Princess and her daughter their space. As he clicked the comlink in his ear to begin making preparations for Twilight's public announcement of her recovery, he found himself staring down his shoulder, and the mark of the Alliance, the mark that was based off of the Princess' own mark, emblazoned on his Ranger armour. He smiled, feeling more proud then ever for bearing this mark.
AquaGalaxy Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
cool writing! c:
Leaf-Fairweather Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Thank you, it's what came to mind when I saw the picture :)
KittyPonyArtist Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
well i get seen so much mlp pics but this is beautiful!!!!
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No No Nooooo. This is way to good for the internet. It needs to be dissplayed in a museum or I will come seu you... or something. <?xml:namespace prefix = da />Rage 

(yay :happybounce: )

PrincessLunaMoon15 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Honestly. I dont like this art.
FunkyJacksonBrown Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
Whaaaaaat? Ah well,we're all entitled to our opinions.
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